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Latest controversy that has emerged after Sonu Nigam’s tweet saying loudspeaker for Azaan is forced religiousness. This is an issue that nobody wants to talk about. And when someone raises their voice against the practice, so called pseudo seculars try to either ridicule it or oppress it.

What is Azan or Adhan?

The adhan is the Islamic call to worship, recited by the muezzin at prescribed times of the day.

Why do they use loudspeaker?

Loudspeakers were invented in the early 1900s, and they were introduced in mosques in the 1930s, where they are used for the adhan (“call to prayer”), and sometimes for khutbah (sermons).

This is because they had no cell phones at that period. Now it is easy to call people through phones and one can set an alarm to remind the prayer timings.

Are there cities where using loudspeaker is banned?

Yes. Using loudspeaker is banned or restricted in Mumbai, Lagos(Nigeria) some cities in Michigan and Saudi Arabia, and Cairo(Egypt).

Limitation on calls of prayers by muezzins exists in countries including the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, France, the UK, Austria, Norway, and Belgium.

The latest ban was by Isreal in November 2016, prohibited the use of loudspeaker during rest hours.

What did Indian Supreme Court say?

Supreme court has clearly given the judgment on when not to use loudspeakers. Few of them are here.

  1. A loudspeaker or a public address system shall not be used except after obtaining written permission from the authority.

  2. A loudspeaker or a public address system shall not be used at night (between 10.00 p.m. to 6.00 a.m.) except in closed premises for communication within, e.g. auditoria, conference rooms, community halls and banquet halls.

  3. Notwithstanding anything contained in sub- rule (2), the State Government may, subject to such terms and conditions as are necessary to reduce noise pollution, permit use of loudspeakers or public address systems during night hours (between 10.00 p.m. to 12.00 midnight) on or during any cultural or religious festive occasion of a limited duration not exceeding fifteen days in all during a calendar year.”

Even though these rules are in place, no one seems to be following it in the name of secularism.


Sonu Nigam a renowned artist has a problem with loudspeakers, not with Azaan. Azaan is mandatory to namaz, not the use of loudspeakers. This issue is pretty similar to Tripple Talaq where this has been banned in most of the Islamic countries but still prevails in India because of some pseudo secular elements in the country.


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